Williamson Diamonds Mine Mwadui 
A Royal Diamond

Mwadui in Pictures

Williamson Diamonds Mine Mwadui 
A Royal Diamond

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Mwadui Post Cards

Airport Features

Mwadui Aerodrome 
  Photo from the Dennis Sullivan collection


Average Rainfall 738mm or 29"   Rainy Season: Oct - April

Hottest Season: Oct - January         Av Temperature Max 34º C ( 93º F)    Min. 18º C ( 65º F)

Coolest Season: June - August  Av. Temperature Max.29º C (85º F)      Min 13º C. (55º F)

Time Zone: +3:00 hours from UTC/GMT

Photo from the Dennis Sullivan family collection

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Mwadui Power House






The Power house, comprising nine 900kw diesel engines & one 750kw gas turbine plus auxiliaries along with HT & LT switchgear etc, is situated close to the top end of Hopley Avenue.

This was the 2nd largest Power Station in all Tanganyika.

The power house was officially opened by Sir Edward Twining, the Governor of Tanganyika.






Mwadui Walking Dragline





The giant walking dragline









Mwadui Heavy Plant


Euclids loading




Loading the Euclid R-15 dump trucks.















The New sorting plant, built with South African labour.









Mwadui Recovery Section






The new sorting house








Mwadui Swimming Pool from the air



The 9 hole golf course with Hopley Avenue to the left

The new swimming pool complex opened in 1957 replaced the concrete lined tub outside the power house.



The Bachelor quarters







Mwadi European Club





The Club house looking out over the golf course








Mwadui school bus picking up the Van Rooyan kids





The bus on a school run picking up the Van Rooyan kids.









Mwadui Fire Engine





Fire was a big risk in the dry arid conditions.









Mwadui Emergency Services




Mwadui emergency services.








Songwa Sailing Club






Songwa sailing club








Sailing at Songwa Dutoit dam





Happy Days sailing at Songwa








Louis inspired me to take the Amateur Radio exam later and operate with my own equipment which I still do today.

Louis Staalberg VQ3FN standing by his 3el HF yagi.


Louis Staalberg VQ3FN, now N7L

Grid Locator = KI66TL

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